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Lawn Care Services & Programs
Lawn Care Services & Programs
6 Round Lawn Care Program
(Yearly) Professional Lawn Care

Round 1 - Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control
                    Applied between March & April

Round 2 - Fertilizer, Weed Control & Pre-M Crabgrass Control
                    Applied between April & May

Round 3 - Slow Release Fertilizer & Spot Weed Control
                    Applied between June & July

Round 4 - Fertilizer & Broad Leaf Weed Control
                    Applied between mid August & September

Round 5 - High Rate of Potassium Fertilizer
                    Applied late fall

Round 6 - Pelletized Lime
                    Applied anytime of the year
Additional Services
Aeration/Seeding - Deep core aeration with over seeding.
                    Completed in September or October unless scheduled otherwise.
                        Call for pricing for this service.

Insect/Grub Control - Preventative for Sub-Surface Turf Damaging Insects.
                    Applied in summer at 1.5 x the cost of a normal treatment.
                        Grubs can destroy a lawn.

NOTE: Timing and details of all treatments can vary depending on weather conditions.